Bigfoot, the monster truck, is now an EV

by 5 years ago

Generally when we talk about EVs on here I call them “dorkmobiles.” This is because car manufacturers are seemingly incapable of designing an electric vehicle any grown adult would voluntarily be seen in.

Recently, however, Team Bigfoot, yes, the monster truck people, recently created an EV that is the exact opposite of a dorkmobile: a frickin’ electrically powered monster truck, Bigfoot #20.

And no, it doesn’t cuddle the junk cars it sees. It crushes those mofos:

If you’re wondering why Bigfoot, of all companies, is going green, it might have something to do with their sponsor being Odyssey Batteries, who equally unsurprisingly were heavily involved in the construction of Bigfoot #20.

It uses a DC motor that puts out roughly 800 foot-pounds of torque, more than enough to crush a few Chevy Volts. It’s also powered by 30 batteries.

The main problem here was really weight, but Bigfoot seems to have licked that with a combination of engineering and sheer raw power, the American way. Now, of course, it’s just a question of adding those flaming jets to it. Maybe the Gravedigger can be powered with biodiesel?

Our First-Ever Electric Monster Truck [Team Bigfoot]

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