Ranking the funniest news moments of Hurricane Sandy (so far)

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While you and I sit comfortably in our homes awaiting our impending doom at the hands of Hurricane Sandy, the media is out there. Working hard and, occasionally, failing miserably. We rank the funniest moments after the jump.

UPDATE: We’re adding to this as we go on (and, hopefully, continue having power). See something funny? Email your tips in or tweet us @guyism.

10. Fox News reporter falls, can’t get up

Is Hurricane Sandy turning sand into quicksand? No? I just would have assumed based on this GIF. My bad.

9. Gangnam Style background interruption

Like the coordination. Dislike the cliché.

8. Hot Hurricane Backdoor Action

Word choice: Crucial in today’s quick-hit Internet generation.

7. Some guy on a jetski is drinking and driving

It’s mostly funny because, hopefully, he’ll only hurt himself. (full video at Deadspin)

6. Falling for Hurricane Sandy

Seems a little fake, particularly in the video, but hey, hurricanes can drive people to madness, right?

5. Big guy skipping through liveshot

Without question, it’s much funnier because he’s so big. It’s like if Andre the Giant decided to interrupt your news report.

4. Anchor has sand in her vagina. Literally.

WHDH anchor Anne Allred overshares while painting an accurate yet sexy yet chafing picture of what hurricane coverage is all about.

3. Bros will be bros

From @DangerGuerrero on Twitter:


We have a bro-down.

2. Good Morning America staffer gets sucked away

This one is perfect. It establishes the danger of the wave and entertains us all because it’s not our lives currently in jeopardy. Now that’s reporting!

1. Horsehead man

#1 in blowing up virally, #1 in our hearts.

Are there any out there we haven’t seen yet? Send them in and we’ll add to our collection. Email your blooper videos to editors@guyism.com

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