Bizarre incident as fan charges mound in minor league game

by 3 years ago

How drunk is too drunk is a question folks in Corpus Christi are asking after a fan of the hometown Hooks rushed the mound in a bizarre incident during yesterday’s game. The man was reportedly upset because he felt RockHounds reliever Blake Hassebrock plunked a player on purpose. He was taken off the field as a result, but not before one player shoved him hard to the ground.

Here is crude video of the altercation (via Tom Hart).

The Corpus Christi Caller Times has more details.

“I saw (the fan) out of the corner of my eye and I honestly thought it was someone from their dugout, like a trainer, going to see Nash,” Hassebrock said. “Then I realized when he was halfway between the (foul) line and the mound, that he was a fan. My first thought was I just hoped he didn’t have a gun or something weird. If he’s crazy enough to be on the field, who knows what he had on him. By the time he got to me, he stopped and it looked like he came to and regretted being out there in the first place. We didn’t (make contact).

“This was something out of ‘Eastbound and Down.’ (What he said) was pretty much inaudible, drunken gibberish. (There was) a couple of f-bombs and some slurring. I’m pretty sure he was upset I hit Nash.“

I shouldn’t have to say this but it’s Monday and perhaps you need a reminder.

Fans are there to attend games and/or cheer or boo for their respective teams.
Fans are not there to run on the field and/or attack players.

We’re clear on that right?

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