10 body language signals that she isn’t into you

by 5 years ago
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Body Language Signals

allygirl520, Flickr

Just like there are certain body language signals women send to show they're into you, there are ones that make it clear they're not. Let's take a look at some of these. Have I missed any? Feel free to leave 'em in the comments below.

Photo credit: allygirl520, Flickr

Kiss Conviction

theotherway, Flickr

If you lean in for a passionate kiss just to receive a short peck whereas she used to lip-hump you until you saw stars, then it's a good bet that she doesn't feel the same, at least for the moment...

Photo credit: theotherway, Flickr

Poor Posture

Dreaming in the deep south, Flickr

Good posture shows that a woman is at attention and shows off her assets at the same time. But if she's slouching, well then she just doesn't give a shit.

Photo credit: Dreaming in the deep south, Flickr

Arms Length

sunshinecity, Flickr

If she keeps you within arms-length, that's good. If she keeps you within penis distance, that's even better. But if she's just out of reach at all times, then you've got a problem.

Photo credit: sunshinecity, Flickr

Crossing Her Legs

Jacrews7, Flickr

As raunchy as it sounds, closed legs are a good indicator that she doesn't want them to be opened...at least not by you. On the other hand, crossing and uncrossing her legs can be a good sign.

Photo credit: Jacrews7, Flickr

Eye Contact

M!Я, Flickr

She's either she's painfully shy, not paying attention or can't even look in your eyes because she's so uncomfortable. If she's not even looking in your general direction, or if she keeps looking elsewhere, then her mind is occupied and you're not keeping her attention.

Photo credit: M!Я, Flickr

Turned Away

StarMama, Flickr

If she's looking at you but her body is pointed in a different direction then there's a good chance you're still failing to capture her attention. Cut your losses and stop buying her drinks, man!

Photo credit: StarMama, Flickr


Elmira College, Flickr

Let's get obsessive compulsive about this. Here's how it goes --
5+ Seconds: You're going to get laid.
3 Seconds: She likes you.
1 Second: She isn't disgusted by you.
<1 Second: She'd rather avoid contact with you altogether.

Photo credit: Elmira College, Flickr

Arms Crossed

Victor1558, Flickr

This is the universal symbol for "I'm protecting myself." If she's doing this, then she's not comfortable. Ease up a little bit, cowboy.

Photo credit: Victor1558, Flickr

No Smile

WalterPro4755, Flickr

Just like dull men, some women have no sense of humor. Others want to smile, but won't if they're not into you. Do yourself a favor and spend your time with a girl that you can make smile.

Photo credit: WalterPro4755, Flickr


markaud, Flickr

Sorry bro, pretty sure that's a sign.

Photo credit: markaud, Flickr

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