‘Borderlands 2’ is finally here

by 5 years ago

A quick heads up: 2012’s game of the year for many, Borderlands 2, is finally out today.

Though I know a certain percentage of the population reading this either has a copy already (there were midnight launches all across the country last night), or knows someone who does (and is perhaps covering their lazy ass at work).

Anyhow, there’s not much that needs to be said here; the trailer does a great job of highlighting all the sequel’s main selling points: a new antagonist, new playable characters, new bad guys, and best of all, new guns.

Only thing absent is the new class, the Mechromancer, but that’s not due till sometime in October. Oh, and dubstep. So strange to encounter a Borderlands 2 that lacks any wub-wub. Curious.

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