Boy steals family savings, spends it all on candy

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Beating your child is a terrible thing. Unless he stole your family’s entire savings and spent on candy. Then it’s still a bad thing…but we all get it.

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According to UPI, a nine-year-old Ukrainian boy looted his family’s savings to go on a spending spree.

Ukrainian police told UPI that the boy’s father hid money in the family’s couch and, when the father checked the spot randomly, he found that $4,000 had gone missing.

After confronting his young son, the little guy revealed that he took the money during his school’s fall break. He then converted the money to Ukrainian hryvnas and went wild.

All of the money went to candy and sharing with friends.

What a delightfully altruistic way to use the money. And I hope that kid got a lot of joy out of it because I wouldn’t be shocked if Ukrainian Craigslist now had a listing reading “FOR SALE: 9 y.o. boy, hardly used – $4,000 OBO.”

Boy takes parents’ savings, buys candy [UPI]

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