Brawl at Denny’s features more twists and turns than M. Night Shyamalan

By 07.23.13

What is it about affordably priced, overly processed breakfast foods that make people turn to violence? Let’s find out in this exceedingly long fight at a Denny’s in Anytown, USA.

Dudes punches guys while they’re held down, a guy swinging a chair like he’s the Undertaker, a couple leisurely eating in the corner while this all goes down, there’s really something for everyone here. But the best part is how the most damage inflicted, evidenced at 4:36, is the guy who got hot sauce in his eye. I’ve never seen a fight with more punches thrown where everyone seems to have sustained as much injury as they would from a light breeze. But the hot sauce? MVP of the fight. Crown that hot sauce the Denny’s Light Heavyweight Champion. You earned it son.


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