‘Breaking Bad’ theories and possible spoilers: Buried

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Another week of the Walter White death march wrapped up last night. What possible Breaking Bad theories and spoilers popped out from last night’s “Buried”? Let’s discuss.

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Perhaps not quite as much of a jaw dropper as last week’s “Blood Money”, but season five’s episode 11 “Buried” did pack an emotional wallop.

-Is this a safe place to admit that Skyler White undid years of me hating her with her performance last night? She’s basically the anti-Kay from The Godfather. Every moment in which she defended her family — and, more realistically, the empire she helped build whether Walt would admit it or not — should have been a moment of triumph for everyone who felt like her passive aggressiveness and self-isolation weighed down previous seasons.

-The scene with Hank in the diner was unequivocally the best moment for the Skyler character. In terms of acting, her place in Walt’s “I am the one who knocks” bedroom speech is neck and neck, but the ownership she showed of the situation when ol’ Desperate Hank attempted to corner her into flipping on Walt was a beautiful thing.

There’s no question that if Hank had come from a more understanding position, Skyler may have been more willing to listen. But his heavy hand combined with a couple months of marriage solidarity with Walt were too much. Skyler’s “Am I under arrest?” freakout was an extremely believable and relatively triumphant (given the circumstances) moment.

-Skyler’s scene with the collapsed and possibly concussed Walt also served as another benchmark moment for her character’s redemption/slide down the rabbit hole. The relatively tender way she handled him may ring like self-preservation but I’d still contend that her character learned to forgive Walt during their visit to the storage bin money pile and his three month exit from the meth game.

-Lost in the hilarious Scrooge McDuck moment with Walt and Skyler’s storage bin money pile:

Bill Burr’s character reminds Huell that they could run to Mexico with Walt’s money but given how Walt just offed ten guys in a jail within ten minutes, it might not be the best idea. We’ve seen Saul Goodman respond differently to Walt’s new Heisenberged aggression so it only makes sense that his legend would grow to those around the inner circle.

-Welcome back, Todd! I may be alone in this but I have a soft spot for the little hardworker played by Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights fame. There’s a real earnestness to everything he does, from when he refused payment from Walt in season five until he figured out what he was doing with the meth cook to the relatively gentlemanly way he handled his neo-Nazi uncle’s buddies offing Declan’s army, he’s about as likable as one can be in the role.

And I’ll go out on a limb: That includes killing that kid. Shitty thing to have to do but he was told that no one could witness would happened. The man just follows orders. Loyal soldier.

-Despite how neurotic and teetering on OCD Lydia is, I still find her exceedingly attractive.


-It seems like Lydia now has all of the muscle and the control in the wake of Heisenberg leaving the game — though, again, note how highly Declan speaks of Walter compared to the lukewarm reception he gave him in last season’s “Say My Name”. But is she really able to really own this position?

Theories are also abound after last night’s episode that Future Walt’s newfound machine gun and ricin capsule may be headed toward Lydia and Todd’s new neo-Nazi backed empire. But why would Walt need to go to war with someone in Lydia who’s clearly proven averse to conflict whenever possible? Particularly when there’s seemingly nothing at stake. Just doesn’t make sense.

-Another theory debunked: Don’t think Declan will be a part of Future Walt’s return to New Mexico. We hardly knew ye.

-Jesse Pinkman is a sentimental character for so much of the audience. But if he flips and confesses to former archnemesis Hank? I see no problem with Walt doing what needs to be done. Worth noting: Next week’s episode is titled “Confessions” and this screenshot occurred during the episode:

He’s overcome with guilt, he’s riding alone in the world’s saddest and noisiest carousel. We get it. For Dexter fans, this shame cycle of Jesse’s may resemble the one we saw this season with Deb. Let’s just move forward with it.

-Marie can throw a slap. I still find her over-the-top reaction to be a little puzzling given that she doesn’t have the skin in the game that Hank did but man. Rick James would be proud.

-The preview for next week’s episode “Confessions” (buried again in another shitty episode of Low Winter Sun) seems to indicate that Hank is putting the squeeze on everyone, starting with Jesse and perhaps Saul:

If Hank’s leaning on everyone to get what he wants, I have a feeling that Walt may have to rethink his stance on “sending Hank to Belize” in the next two episodes as we move towards the show’s endgame.

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