Breaking Bad theories and possible spoilers: Ozymandias

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Another week and the body count — both physical and emotional — continues to rise. Let’s talk about some Breaking Bad theories and possible spoilers stemming from S05E14’s “Ozymandias”.

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Ten minutes of flashback to Walt and Jesse’s first cook seemed like a classic Breaking Bad misdirection just to make us all wait even longer after last week’s nail biter of a cliffhanger. It was a simpler time, then. Walt just in his tighty whities, the drug game seeming more like a fun way to make money with no real consequences, Walt able to spend time thinking about his upcoming daughter’s name rather than his life or money being on the line.

It’s a jarring contrast between what happened with Walt just a year and change later in the same spot as he witnesses his brother’s best friend and coworker, Steve Gomez, gunned down and then has to beg for his brother-in-law’s life as Uncle Jack points a gun to his head.

Of course, as Hank astutely points out, Uncle Jack already had other plans in mind.

The gunshot ringing out as Walt cries on the floor is another seminal moment in the path of the man who became Heisenberg. We’ve seen Walt do awful things but I’d argue that his handling of the Hank situation showed all of the good still left in him. His faux confession that would incriminate Hank was certainly evil but had no actual impact on Hank’s life. And as the shootout began, we witnessed Walt beg for Uncle Jack and the Nazi Dream Team to cease fire on his “family.”

Hank’s death seemed to be the final straw for any glimpse of the Walt we knew.

Naturally, Walt needed someone to blame. Not himself, of course, because in his mind he’s never to blame. Not Uncle Jack since he’s just a mad dog — and a mad dog whom Walt couldn’t touch anyway. So he blamed his former “son” Jesse, hiding under a car, for everything. And as Jesse was being taken away to a future of God-knows-what, Walt had to twist the knife by revealing to Jesse that he witnessed his one true love, Jane, die from a drug overdose and did nothing to help.

I’d argue that’s the most fundamentally evil thing we’ve seen Walt do in the history of the show. Hurt for the sake of hurt. And now he’s got no one left.

-Well, after a life of begging to know more, Walt Jr. finally knows just about everything his father and mother were up to. I’m surprised he took his mom’s side so easily after years of defending his father from every slight Skyler threw his way. Such is the complicated way of a teenage boy, I assume.

-Totally understand blaming Walt for Hank’s death but Skyler picking up a knife and slashing Walt with it? Seems like a big step there. Keep in mind that there was just about no way Walt was leaving the house without them and that he had to be made to leave somehow before calling Skyler all sorts of bad names like many have done throughout the show.

-Walt Jr’s response to the situation is pretty well summed up by this image:

-Todd continues to be a shining light of compassion and kindness in the form of convincing Uncle Jack to let Walt keep one barrel of the money. What’s $11 million between friends?

That said, his treatment of Jesse seems to show a hint of the inner psycho that has to be sitting in the recesses of his soul. Jesse did not look quite so pretty as he did when he spat in Walt’s face.

-Via Reddit’s Breaking Bad section comes this interesting comparison of Walt’s emotional breakdown when compared with Gus’s in his flashback meeting with the Cartel.

Does this mean Hank and Walt were secret gay lovers? File that one under “Probably.”

-Walt takes baby Holly only to return her when he realizes that Holly deserves to be with the woman who actually, you know, raised her. Not entirely sure I understand why this plot thread was even necessary unless to show that Walt’s still not totally evil.

-Walt’s other great mitzvah to Skyler in the episode comes in the form of his call to the house. Initially, it seems like more misguided Walt bravado but listen to what Walt actually had to say. He clears Skyler of all guilt in the process — something which was definitely not the case in reality — and he takes all of the blame upon himself. Due to the rage Walt displayed in the call, it’s easy to think that Walt just needed to puff his chest out one more time for the sake of his pride but it actually seems like another feather in the cap of the Walt’s Bad But Not That Bad hypothesis.

-In case it wasn’t crystal clear enough, the closing scene reveals how Walt becomes Mr. Lambert: Saul’s identity cleanup guy. There aren’t many pieces of the puzzle left to uncover with the flash forward except…

-Who is Walt coming back for with a machine gun and a ricin cigarette in hand? The popular theory — one I’ve also floated a lot previously — is that he’s returning to save Jesse. But with the fractured way that their relationship ended, is that actually likely?

The preview for next week’s penultimate episode, embedded below, indicates that maybe the Nazi crew is coming for Walt’s family. Not sure how exactly we would get from point A to point B with that one given the relatively amicable way Uncle Jack and Walt parted ways but at this point, anything’s possible.

-Two episodes left, kids. This screengrab from last night’s episode probably has a touch of the foreshadowing for what’s to come:

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