‘Breaking Bad’ theories and possible spoilers: To’hajiilee

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We’ve got just a few episodes of Breaking Bad left. If you’re like me and waited to watch last night’s “To’hajiilee” due to football last night, you might be yelling “Holy shit” all day today.

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Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this episode, I really cannot say “Holy shit” enough at the ending of this episode. As I write this post, I just saw the final five minutes of the episode with my jaw fully dropped.

I’m unabashedly Team Walt. From day one through every evil thing he’s done. As I watched him drive towards his buried money with the tense music rising in the way that only Breaking Bad can do, I found myself yelling at the TV. “Don’t do it, Walt. You’re an idiot! You can’t be this dumb!”

As he fell right into Hank’s beautifully — and I mean beautifully…Hank may not be a conventional genius like Walt is but he outplayed the man in every single step of the chess match this episode — laid trap, I was so mad at Walt for his pride getting the better of him.

And then Hank’s pride got the better of him, instead.

Most Breaking Bad theories from people much smarter than you or I circle around the idea that the show is built around pride leading people to do dumb things. Walt initially just wanted enough money to pay for his treatment and take care of his family. Once he got a taste, it wasn’t enough to have money. He needed to be King.

Throughout the entire build of Hank’s confrontation with Heisenberg, be it the false idols he initially thought were the Mad Meth Scientist or Walt himself, Hank was singularly focused on being the man to bring him down. It wasn’t to stop meth distribution in the southwest; it was to satisfy his ego for capturing his great white whale.

And he did it. He had it. For all of two minutes.

Hank could have loaded Walt into the car and left. They could have known that maybe this evil genius had backup or was being tracked. Hank could have read Walt his rights and drove away right past the Aryan Nation Hit Squad without a problem. But no. He had to posture up. He had to primp. He had to call Marie to brag. He needed every moment of glory.


-So where do we go from here? I think the fact that we didn’t see Hank, Jesse, and Gomez die at the conclusion of the episode means that at least one of them, more likely two, will survive. The most compelling situation for the final three episodes is Hank, Jesse, and Walt being taken hostage by Uncle Jack’s Nazi crew and having to work together to get out of it.

-Walter White’s path to redemption — or something close to it — seems to come in the form of escaping Uncle Jack’s clutches, getting his big machine gun, and returning to the ABQ to save Jesse and/or Hank and, most likely, die in the process. I’m prepared for any misdirection but I feel like that’s absolutely the bow that can wrap up the show that unifies both sides who love Walt regardless and hate Walt but will embrace his trying to do the right thing.

-You have an A1 day, too, Walt Jr. Regardless of what happens with Walt and Skyler, at least we know that car wash will be in good, pancake syrup-stained hands.

-As mentioned above, the scene in which Walt drives to the money spot and confesses all of the things he’s done while his rage builds and the car speeds around the desert turns…beautiful. This is really the embodiment of what TV drama can and should be.

-The location where the money is buried is the very same as the scene of the first cook. A look back at episode 1 on Netflix confirms.

-Learn to fucking shoot, Todd. I love you, buddy, really. But jesus:

-The day that Walter White gets outmatched in wits by Jesse Pinkman and Hank Schrader is not a day I was emotionally prepared for. But that was a goddamned slaughter.

-Huell needs a visit from young Carmelo Anthony. Stop snitchin’, Huell. Bitch move.

-How can you say that Walt is a fully evil man when he’s literally begging the men who are going to save him from a life of jail to not do what they’re about to do? I fully understand that he’s done so many terrible things but there’s still a gooey center of humanity in Walt that I’m hopeful we’ll explore and embrace in the final three episodes.

-Next week’s episode is titled Ozymandias. There was a previous teaser trailer featuring Bryan Cranston reading the poem for which the episode is named.

-And the preview trailer for next week reveals nothing other than that Skyler has no clue where Walt has gone:

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