Breaking down the chaotic Jaguars-Texans ending

By 11.19.12

The Texans were supposed to effortlessly cruise by the Jaguars on Sunday. That didn’t happen. The game evolved into an all-time classic culminating with an Andre Johnson 48-yard touchdown late in overtime.

Let’s take a look back at those final moments, both on the field of play and in the stands.

The Jaguars, needing to push the Texans out of field goal range, opt to come with a 5-man rush, dropping 1 defensive linemen into coverage.


The Texans catch them at the right time with a bubble screen pass to the near side. Only two Jaguars remain on that side of the hash.

Andre Johnson screen pass


Not surprisingly, Johnson waltzes into the end zone untouched.

He leaps into the stands to celebrate with fans.

Andre Johnson Reliant leap


This is where it gets interesting. One woman, wanting to get in on the Andre Johnson love, jumped several rows with boobs almost popping out in the process.

One fan sums about my feelings about this woman’s jump for joy rather appropriately.

Meanwhile, one man tried dragging his lazy, rotund fan to the celebration but the law of inertia stood in his way.

And a young boy simply couldn’t handle the noise.

deaf Texans boy


Which leads us to this moment—a fan toking up to celebrate the victory.

And there you have it folks. An ending for Texans fans that caused a woman to almost lose her top, a young boy to almost lose his hearing, and a druggie almost certainly losing brain cells.

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