Breaking down the McKayla Maroney-Jenna Bush Dougie

by 5 years ago

There’s this video floating around of McKayla Maroney teaching Jenna Bush how to Dougie. Instead of focusing on the gymnasts here (many of whom are underage), let’s turn our attention to the former president’s daughter.

We knew Jenna Bush was awkward, but this, this just takes it to a whole new level. Allow me to break it down.

Jenna Bush is a giant

Today screenshot

Why is Jenna so damn big? I mean, yes, gymnasts are a diminutive species but this looks like Hagrid waiting for Harry Potter at the 9 3/4 platform.

Blocks the cameraman

Today screenshot

Jenna the Giant has yet to learn the in’s an out’s of where the camera’s located. Just a head’s up for next time honey, give ol’ Joe some time before you go face down, ass up right in his grill.

Jenna’s Dougie is a tribute to awkward white people

Dear God, what is that? Didn’t Kate Upton teach your race anything?

Mission Accomplished

Guyism photoshop

You guys, come on, how did that banner get there?

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