Britek tires are puncture proof, no matter what

by 5 years ago

Anyone who drives will inevitably experience the joy that is a flat tire. Isn’t it great, hauling the crappy jack you never use out of the trunk, along with your spare, making sure it’s inflated, getting your car properly placed, and then cranking that heavy beast up for what feels like hours before having to get the hubcap off, remove those bolts, and then lever the tire on and resecure it?

No? Then check out these tires, which will never go flat. Ever.

Made by Britek and called the Energy Return Tire, here they are in action on a mountain bike:

Instead of being inflated with air, the tires are instead supported by a series of rubber tension rods; you can adjust firmness by adjusting the tension. The space between the treads and the rods are filled with elastic, which has the added advantage of giving you more grip in the tires.

But the key virtue here is the fact that they can’t go flat. They’re not pneumatic, so a nail through the tire isn’t going to do wonders for it, but it won’t keep you from driving on, either. The technology is in prototype, but Britek is hoping to license it.

Energy Return Wheel [Britek]

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