Budweiser is pissed at Denzel for drinking their beer

By 11.07.12

Colin Joliat, UnsafePictures

AB-InBev is not happy about their beer’s prominent role in the movie Flight. They’ve sent their attorneys after Paramount in an attempt to get the brand’s name obscured in all future iterations of the film.

McCarthy said: “We would never condone the misuse of our products, and have a long history of promoting responsible drinking and preventing drunk driving.

“We have asked the studio to obscure the Budweiser trademark in current digital copies of the movie and on all subsequent adaptations of the film, including DVD, On Demand, streaming and additional prints not yet distributed to theatres.”

While I understand being linked to drunk driving isn’t positive, it’s also just a move. I don’t know anyone that would opt not to drink Bud just because Denzel happened to throw a few Heavies back behind the wheel.  If anything, I’d be more likely to buy it knowing that an alcoholic, who has the means to buy whatever beer he wants, chooses to drink their product on a regular basis. Who better to judge beer than someone who consumes it constantly?

Unfortunately for Budweiser and their pet frogs, they don’t have a legal leg on which to stand. You don’t have to ask permission to use a product in a movie. If that were the case, brands wouldn’t be pouring millions of dollars into product placement.  Instead, making any movie would cost a gorillion dollars because studios would have to pay licensing fees for every single item on set. At that point, they’d shut down. So look, Bud, I know you’re not thrilled about this, but don’t blow it for the movie-loving public.

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