Burger King offers all-you-can buffet in Japan

By 11.14.12

Burger King, Colin Joliat

The Japanese are set on giving we Americans a run for our waistlines. To celebrate five flame-broiled years in Japan, Burger King is offering a limit-time all-you-can-eat buffet.

Between November 17 and 21, those who order a large black burger meal deal between 2pm and 11pm get to stuff their faces with as many burgers, fries (or onion rings) as they can for thirty minutes after ordering.

Once you finish the meal you paid for, all you need to do is go to the register with your burger wrapper, paper bag, empty cup (free refills!), and receipt to get all the Whoppers, medium fries (or onion rings), and medium coke you can handle in half an hour.

We all know that Diet Coke is in order when you are eating 25,000 fast-food calories. It’s pretty much cancels out all of that fat from the meal. Plus, walking back up to get a refill on your burgers is exercise! You can eat continuously because it’s a perfect cycle of calorie burning power walking and all-you-can meat chugging. It’s identical to eating celery on your couch, possibly even better for you.

I’m still a little confused as to who thinks this is a reasonable way to celebrate an anniversary. Granted it’s the five year, which is in marriage is represented by a gift of wood. That seems fitting given that your arteries will harder faster than your little Ditka after popping a Levitra.

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