Camera +: The best photo app just got better

by 5 years ago

Deny it all you want: We’ve see the Facebook pictures. You’re a crappy photographer, and that’s okay. What’s important is that you get better. Camera + is here to do just that, and it’s gotten a huge overhaul to make it even easier to use and your pictures better looking.

Camera +

Camera +

The app has had some incredibly useful features for a while: For example, when taking photos within it, you have a grid overlay to help compose shots. The recent update includes a level tool that allows you to make sure your shot is absolutely even, no matter what.

Also included are effects. If you like to see effects applied to an image before you shoot, sorry: There’s no live preview in this version of the app. On the other hand, if you do want to apply an effect, after you shoot the image is laid out in a grid with each effect applied, offering a useful preview.

Essentially, if you shoot photos on your iPhone, whether snapshots or just using it as your primary camera, this will make you a better photographer. And isn’t that worth a buck?

Camera + [Official Site]

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