Cancelled ‘Streets of Rage’ game looked promising

By 12.05.12

Sorry fans of the 16-bit beat ’em up, but you know the deal; the best things in life are usually never approved by the board of directors of like people.

The following recently found its way on the Internet…

Like many dorks who grew up with a Genesis, I was in love with Streets of Rage (which was vastly superior to Final Fight, I don’t care what anyone says). And the above was a legit project from Ruffian Games before Sega said “no thanks.”

Looks awesome doesn’t it? Mind you, it’s a tad bit too God of War-like for my tastes, and would ultimately need the same soundtrack composers from the originals for it to truly live up to the namesake. Which Ruffian Games could have nabbed, but now we’ll never know.

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