Candy Crush makes an obscene amount off your failure every day

by 4 years ago

Based on the numbers, either you or someone you know and love is paying addictive app game Candy Crush Saga. And the numbers are in…this game is making bank off of your failure.

candy crush saga


Data from app sales tracker Think Gaming estimates that Candy Crush Saga not only has over 6.7 million users per day, but also nets approximately $633,000 daily.

That number would yield approximately $230 million annually for the game’s publisher, King.

In-app purchases in Candy Crush Saga come in the form of extra lives or power-ups designed to get you through the level…and onto more levels that may also require in-app purchases.

Costs for upgrades include an extra five moves to finish the level for $0.99 and power-ups for the level from $0.99 to $2.99.

The app is currently #3 in popularity for free apps and #1 in top grossing apps on the App Store.

The good news? At least there’ll be one time in your lives that your failure and inclination to cheat the system will lead to success for someone.

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