CBS buys the worst TV show ever

By 10.23.12


Literally this is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever heard of. Holy turds, America. We already know that every single executive in Hollywood is completely brain-dead and devoid of a single good idea, content to do garbage like make a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie or three TV shows based on edgy updates of Alice in Wonderland. But they’ve really gone too far this time.

The Hollywood Reporter has a disturbing story today about the newest sitcom acquisition from CBS. Big Bang Theory writer Dave Goetsch has sold the network a concept called Smells Like Teen Spirit, and here’s the logline:

The multicamera comedy revolves around an 18-year-old budding entrepreneur who forgoes Harvard and instead opts to launch a multibillion-dollar Internet company from his garage with the assistance of his sister, best friend and his 1990s indie-rock parents.

1990s indie-rock parents. This is where we’re at, America. It’s like The Social Network meets Singles! And with the comedy geniuses behind The Big Bang Theory (note: these people are not comedy geniuses) writing it, how can it go wrong? I expect three jokes about how Superchunk has a weird name in the first episode.

Is there even a market for 90s nostalgia? I grew up in Seattle and even we knew that the whole grunge thing was a stupid joke, even as we reveled in watching every crappy bar band in town get signed. But I’d like to think that my generation is smart enough to stay far away from this grubby nostalgia-mongering. We are, aren’t we?

Listen, I know I’m an old dude and a carelord and none of this really matters in a post-Bieber era, but this is gross. You can bet that Courtney Love made so much money off of this in some way. Before today’s teens get their brains rewritten by this titanic hunk of garbage, let’s remember how awesome the real “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was.

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