Cellhelmet is the only iPhone case you need

By 11.29.12

Look, most iPhone cases are little more that gaudy, cosmetic pieces of crap. Unless it’s been test-rated and proven to absorb the shock of falls and other damage, it’s not going to do anything.



Unless, of course, it comes with damage coverage, like the Cellhelmet.

The Cellhelmet comes with a simple guarantee. Pay $50 for the case, and if your iPhone breaks while inside of it, they fix it within three days, with a $50 handling fee (think of it as a deductible) and ship it back to you overnight at their expense. It’s that simple. The policy doesn’t cover cosmetic damage like chips to the aluminum casing, but that first world problem is easily solved by growing a pair and getting some perspective.

The Cellhelmet has more to recommend it than damage coverage, though. The case is clear and minimal, although you can get it in tints if you want: It’s not designed to be flashy. It’s engineered to actually protect your phone, sadly a novelty for iPhone cases.

In short, it’s a simple, manly case that comes with a reasonable return policy. For $50, you can’t go wrong.

Cellhelmet [Official Site]

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