Cinnabon’s President used to work at Hooters as a teen

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Kat Cole worked at Hooters as a teenager. She’s now the super hot (and smart and successful) President of Cinnabon. I find these facts incredibly impressive.



Cole, 35, worked at Hooters for FIFTEEN years, working her way from a waitress in short shorts to a manager to a vice president.

Her experience in dealing with viscous liquids got her a job at Cinnabon, where she was hired as Chief Operating Officer in November 2010.

Now, as the main woman in charge of Cinnabon, Cole is going to lead the company to over $1 billion in global sales.

Her description of the reason people indulge themselves in the caloric richness that Cinnabon sells is also fantastic.

“It’s almost pornographic,” she told Businessweek. “It’s just so over-the-top, it’s a sensory experience.”

The woman’s got a way with words.

Cinnabon’s a private company so there’s no information available about how the foxy Ms. Cole has affected their overall value. But based on the Businessweek profile, I’m imagining it’s a home run.

Here’s a CBS interview with Kat Cole from earlier this year for you to stare in awe, for multiple reasons.


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