Clear the cabinet, “Eau de Pizza” has arrived

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I love the smell of pizza as much as the next ninja turtle, but even I am skeptical about putting the that aroma into a perfume. That’s exactly what they’ve done up in America’s hat though.

What began as a fun Facebook post – with Pizza Hut asking fans just how much they loved the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened – has materialized into Pizza Hut becoming the latest celebrity to launch its own perfume.

Introducing Pizza Hut Perfume – a brand new fragrance from Pizza Hut Canada boasting top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough.

The limited edition perfume was designed to commemorate Pizza Hut Canada reaching 100,000 Facebook fans. Only 110 bottles were produced and shared with lucky Facebook fans who won a bottle by being among the first to share their desire for Pizza Hut perfume.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the fragrance will hit store shelves just yet, so don’t dump out your “50 Cent – Eau de Gunpowder” or “Lindasy Lohan – Vodka #5.”

This is a brilliant plan by Pizza Hut. I can attest to the effectiveness of smellvertising having lived three doors down from a KFC. I could have sworn they were cranking clucking perfume from their chimney because you could smell it all the way down the block, and it was nearly impossible to pass by if I was even the slightest bit hungry. Nothing like a couple Snackers at 3pm to round out the daily meals.

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