Tiny molesting robot amazingly not made by the Japanese

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There are new advances in robotics every day. Robots are becoming more complex, cheaper, and more helpful with every passing minutes. And also weirder. Meet Clothbot.

Even creepy or gross things like the fact that the Japanese just won’t stop making robotic body parts have their uses, because they’re usually a side effect of trying to make robots seem more human and react better to humans.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean we want one of the little mechanical bastards climbing up our pants, but the Chinese seem to think that we do.

This was a robot designed from the ground up to be creepy. It slowly climbs your pants or the back of your shirt, using the folds in your clothing for purchase. Here, have a video!

The researchers have developed it for three purposes. One, to make a terrifying robotic pet no human being in their right mind would actually buy; two, to create a way to have cell phones be hands free while walking; and three…”body inspection.”

You know what, if we have to have a choice between a robot pinching its way toward our junk and a $16 an hour part-timer giving our balls a squeeze…crap, actually, that’s pretty much the same thing creepiness wise. We guess the moral of the story is that the Chinese are secretly pretty perverted.

Why does Clothbot Want to Climb Up Your Pants? [CNet]

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