Colorado only state with under 20% obesity

by 5 years ago

The latest Gallup Poll shows that Colorado is the most fit state in the union while West Virginia is the most obese. Don’t pat yourself on the back fat just yet, your state isn’t much better. It turns out we’re all still fat. Who would have guessed? I certainly don’t know how this is happening.



Hold on, let me put down my Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Taco. OK, now we’re ready. The national average for obesity is 26.2%. To find that figure, Gallup took self reported weight/height data and then calculated the BMI. Anything over 30 and you get tossed in the fudge room with Augustus Gloop. Many will claim that determining BMI from weight/height isn’t entirely accurate, but then again, how many people are telling the truth in the first place? Most people likely shaved off a few pounds and added an inch or so when giving their data. Based on the eyeball test, this seems spot on to me.

You can check here to see exactly how fat your state is. It’s shocking that only Colorado is below the meaninglessness 20% threshold. Rarely do you see a chart like this where a single data point stands out so obviously. What are they doing correctly there? I know they have an outdoorsy culture, but so are plenty of other states do as well. I’m guessing it’s the weed. It has to be.

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