‘Community’ will be back, Dan Harmon won’t

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Looks like Chevy Chase won this one. Community was the NBC comedy most on the bubble, with flagging ratings and behind-the-scenes turmoil. Fans of the show rejoiced when it was renewed for a fourth season, but that joyous announcement came with some bad news – creator Dan Harmon would be stepping down as showrunner.

At the upfronts in New York, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt revealed that Community‘s fourth season would see the show moving from Thursday to Friday nights, and it would have a pair of new showrunners and producers: David Guarascio and Moses Port, most recently of Happy Endings, are the new bosses. Greenblatt did comment on Harmon’s future involvement that “I expect his voice to be part of it.”Harmon took to his blog to respond. It’s a great read, but here are some of the important bits.

The important one is this quote from Bob Greenblatt in which he says he’s sure I’m going to be involved somehow, something like that. That’s a misquote. I think he meant to say he’s sure cookies are yummy, because he’s never called me once in the entire duration of his employment at NBC. He didn’t call me to say he was starting to work there, he didn’t call me to say I was no longer working there and he definitely didn’t call to ask if I was going to be involved.

However, if I actually chose to go to the office, I wouldn’t have any power there. Nobody would have to do anything I said, ever. I would be “offering” thoughts on other people’s scripts, not allowed to rewrite them, not allowed to ask anyone else to rewrite them, not allowed to say whether a single joke was funny or go near the edit bay, etc. It’s….not really the way the previous episodes got done. I was what you might call a….hands on producer. Are my….periods giving this enough….pointedness? I’m not saying you can’t make a good version of Community without me, but I am definitely saying that you can’t make my version of it unless I have the option of saying “it has to be like this or I quit” roughly 8 times a day.

So obviously we’re in for a very different show without Harmon at the helm. Don’t feel too bad for him, though – he already has an Adult Swim pilot in production called Rick & Morty, and I’m sure he’ll be back on his feet. How about you? Will you watch the new Community when it returns in the Fall?

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