Cookie Monster is in Times Square straight creepin’ on women

by 4 years ago

As you’re probably aware, NYC’s Times Square is full of people in unlicensed suits of famous characters running around looking for money from tourists. But Cookie Monster here just couldn’t help himself when a pair of big tittays crossed his sight line.

There’s so much going on here. Cookie Monster’s eyes bugging out, these girls’ costumes that are basically just them being naked for money, and in the background Mario (!!) is hugging Minnie Mouse (!!) for no particular reason. Is Mickey aware of this? I guess Minnie’s in New York and she’s checking out the local flavors in the form of a guy who stomps on turtle heads as a side gig to his career of unclogging shit filled toilets but there’s something so wrong there.

Anyway, let Cookie Monster off the hook. Dude’s been eating dry cookies for years. Probably just scouting for some milk. (via Reddit)

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