9 of the coolest snack foods with booze in them

By 04.26.14

snack foods with booze in them

There are times that separate booze and snacks just won’t do the trick. And for those times, we’ve come to the rescue with some awesome gourmet options for getting your drink and eat on simultaneously. Here are some of the coolest booze-infused snacks ever to grace the face.

9. Absinthe Lollipops

Let’s start with a fancy one. If the Instagram photos of hipsters enjoying absinthe pops (shown on Lollyphile’s site) are any indication, then these are pretty awesome. It’s doubtful that you’ll be chasing any green dragons or hallucinating like proper absinthe may help you achieve, but these pops would definitely be the perfect party favor for any high society, booze-fueled gathering.

Where can I get some? Lollyphile

8. Beer Chocolate

Life is like a box of beer chocolates, you never know how drunk you’re going to get. But everyone else will definitely know that you’re an awesome friend for sharing.

Where can I get it? Beercandy

7. Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn

bourbon carmel corn

Oh my good God-ness, this crunchy, chewy, sweet, smoky, salty, crispy hybrid bastard of a snack sounds like it could move a man to tears. Your move Cracker Jack.

Where can I get it? Uncrate

6. Beer Cheese

“Floyd” isn’t the most attention-grabbing name for a snack spread, but since they’re matching sharp cheese, mild beer and pimento for their original flavor and mixing in pepper jack and bacon for their other two, we’ll forgive it. And we’ll buy a case, too.

Where can I get it? Floyd

5. Beer & Pretzel Brittle

These beer and pretzel treats are made with Rogue’s Chocolate Stout for a sweet & salty, malty & hoppy flavor punch right to the liver.

Where can I get it? Truffle Truffle

4. Beer Potato Chips

beer chips

Who knew that Kettle sells their ultra-thick, super-crispy and saltily satisfying potato chips in cheddar beer flavor? Hey, I’m not complaining; that sounds like it’d hit the spot, and then some.

Where can I get some? Kettle

3. Beer and Cheddar Crackers

You just can’t go back to Ritz or Saltines after these. And the perfect pairing? Real cheddar and beer, of course.

Where can I get some? Stonewall Kitchen

2. Whiskey Hard Candies

This Lynchburg, Tennessee confectioner does whiskey-flavored hard candy served in an old-fashioned mason jar. It’ll bring you right back to the old South in the days when you’d sit on your wraparound porch in your rocking chair for hours on end, sipping on a mint julep. Maybe this one would be better as a gift for your grandparents.

Where can I get some?: Jackie’s Gift Gallery

1. Moonshine Beef Jerky

moonshine beef jerky

The manliest man snack and the strongest booze South of the Mason-Dixon line come together to create the Bootlegger Series Moonshine Jerky. G’damn if that doesn’t sound good.

Where can I get some? Florida Jerky

Bacon bourbon carmel corn: Uncrate
Beer potato chips: Kettle
Moonshine Beef Jerky: Florida Jerky
(Previously published on October 21, 2013.)

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