Coyote Case puts a personal security alarm on your iPhone

By 11.02.12

I’m not necessarily opposed to iPhone cases doing two jobs. OK, so the iPhone case that’s also a phone is perhaps a bit much, and similarly, the Spraytect is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. But at least the Coyote Case is actually trying to mix personal security with iPhone cases in a way that isn’t nearly as likely to go horribly wrong, and actually has some good ideas beyond just “have a case that makes a loud sound.”

Coyote Case

Coyote Case

Invented by Jonathan Page, who came up with it after his daughter got mugged, the Coyote Case has two functions. The first is an ear-splitting alarm that cranks at 100 decibels, the volume of a motorcycle. Secondly, the case comes with an app that senses when the alarm goes off and fires off an emergency text to your contacts with your exact GPS coordinates.

Leaving aside the fact that everybody should own something that makes a loud painful noise for comedy purposes, this is actually a great idea, especially the emergency app. If you know somebody who might want one of these, you can get among the first if you sign up for it at IndieGogo.

Coyote Case [IndieGogo]

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