Crash course in hot dogs and a beer cocktail to match

by 5 years ago

I love a good wiener joke as much as the next guy, but they’re even better when coming from a classy lady. Alie & Georgia are back to learn about hot dogs and then create a beer cocktail to pair with your meat stick.

The last time I talked wieners, it was about the despicable practice of turning a hamburger into a hot dog. It’s nice to see we’re back on track with Alie & Georgia taking on some high quality frankfurters. More important than the dog though is the drink. I love beer and cocktails, but I don’t often combine the two. If the beergarita is any indication of their level of deliciousness though, it’s time to start to do more than just dabble.

Beer-ly Legal

2 oz. tangerine juice
1oz. orange liqueur (Cointreau, Triple Sec, Grand Marnier)
Top with light beer
Garnish Maraschino cherry (named for boxer Rocky Maraschino)


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