Crazy German has built a slingshot revolver crossbow

by 6 years ago

Remember Joerg Sprave? The guy who built a chainsaw out of steak knives? He’s back, and he’s got something even crazier.

Yes, he built a slingshot revolver crossbow. And the crazy thing is, it’s actually pretty effective.

Yes, that’s a rubber band gun with an arrow in it instead. Yes, he just fired two at once. Yes, if zombies ever attack his house, Sprave will be crazy prepared to deal with it.

The insane thing is that this is actually an efficient weapon. It’s cheap to make. It’s effective, as you can see from the video as he plants four arrows into a target at a decent distance. It’s got multiple firing, meaning more time between reloading. Essentially if you’ve got a castle to defend once the apocalypse comes, building a lot of these things will be effective and even easy.

And, in case you thought he was done, this is the prototype. Yes, Sprave is not finished designing this thing yet. He’s probably going to have a slingshot crossbow Gatling by the time he’s done. But hey, good zombie defense!

Crossbow Revolver [The Slingshot Channel]

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