Creepy white guys ruin online dating for Asian women

By 02.08.13

There are a fair amount of white guys out there who love Asian women, which is fine if you’re, you know, treating them like people. New Tumblr Creepy White Guys shows that a fair amount of guys missed that point.

1. Asian women tend to not enjoy being compared to objects

creepy white guys tumblr

Creepy White Guys

Is he talking about an Asian woman or an oriental rug? Either way, the expectation to lie there, shut up, and ignore when he makes a mess on you seems like an unappealing offer of romance.

2. They get it, you know Japanese things

creepy white guys tumblr

Creepy White Guys

I don’t think the girl getting this message is Japanese, so that’s problematic. But even if she were, you can do better than a lotus flower comparison. Compare her to a spicy tuna roll. Bitches love being compared to spicy tuna rolls.

3. I don’t think this is an actual martial art

creepy white guys tumblr

Creepy White Guys

Ah, of course, the ancient art of f-ck fighting. How this isn’t yet one of those “Not The ____” porn parodies yet is beyond me.

You can see more creepy white guy comments to Asian girls along with the girls’ responses on the Creepy White Guys Tumblr.


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