Custom Knob Creek whiskey label presents the perfect gift

by 5 years ago

Booze is the easiest gift to give during the holiday season. Not only does just about everyone love getting a bottle whiskey, you can also expect them to share at least a dram. That means you really only bought 90% of gift. Savings!


If you’re one of those saps who thinks it isn’t personal enough to just give a bottle of hooch, I found something just for you. Knob Creek is making customizable labels for the holiday season. You can put your sentimental message of, “Dear dad, you were never there for me until I got a hot girlfriend, but now you’re always around. Please go back to your own house.  Love, Colin.” Or you know, whatever is appropriate for your family.

Today is the last day they To assure you get it in time for Christmas, orders apparently need to be in by today. Hope you know who matters in your life already! They have different labels from which to choose, including the standard, a special holiday version, and my favorite, the Michael Symon exclusive.  And don’t worry about the quality of bourbon, if you’ve followed along with my Guyism exploits at all, you’d know I swear by the stuff.

More details can be found right about….here.


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