Dad offers free beer to anyone who will hire his son

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An Australian father is offering a free case of beer per week to any employer willing to give his son an electrical apprenticeship. Now that is taking job hunting to the next level.

It’s tough to find a job right now anywhere, and even tougher if you want to be in a specific field. No parent wants to support their kid, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to help out. In an move worth of Father of the Year consideration, one 18-year old’s dad is raising the stakes for hiring his son.

“Free Beer. 1 Year Supply. 50 cartons in exchange for 19yo Electrical Apprenticeship for my 19yo son.”

“Local. Hardworking. Reliable, Desperate.

“Not a Quitter.

“Legitimate Offer, no BS.”

Nicklas McVeigh seems like a solid hire to me, and I’ve never met the kid. While he doesn’t have a Bachelors of Science, he’s also not a quitter.

McVeigh’s dad expected it to cost him $1700 to pay off the 50 cases. Apparently in Australia they don’t have as many weeks in a year as we do. They also don’t seem to have cheap beer because that is $34 a piece. Someone get him a 30-pack of Keith Stone’s Keystones.

CourierMail via BeerPulse

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