David Letterman kissed Amy Poehler awkwardly on the lips

by 5 years ago

There’s a thin line between charming late night talk show shenanigans and borderline creepiness. David Letterman’s interview with Amy Poehler on last night’s Late Show did a delicate little tap dance towards the latter.

It began when Amy Poehler told Dave the story of how she met Joe Biden during filming for Parks and Recreation. On the last take, she went in for a kiss on the Vice President.

Minutes later, when introing a Parks and Recreation clip, Dave leaned in. Amy said, “I thought you were going in for a kiss.”

Then magic happened.

The respective reactions say it all.

Amy Poehler looked like:

CBS screenshot

But Dave’s face told the real story:

CBS screenshot

“If she didn’t want me to kiss her on the lips, she shouldn’t have come on my nationally broadcasted television show.”

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