David’s Pizza commercial is incredible

By 11.07.12

It doesn’t take much to convince someone to eat pizza. Even still, it can’t hurt your business model to have the greatest commercial on which the Internet has ever laid eyes.

I don’t fully understand what “KNFR From 7:00-7:30” is, but if this David’s Pizza commercial is the sort of thing that appears in the film, consider me on board. That’s right; I’m willing to watch a movie featuring commercials. And lest you think David’s Pizza isn’t a real place, I went ahead and found in in Stockton, CA for you on Google Maps. I’ll pay for the pizza for the first person willing to go in and order it by singing this song – with video of course. I won’t judge you based on your dance moves, but it wouldn’t hurt to practice.


Catchiest Song About Pizza Ever [Buzzfeed]

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