DEWAR’S Travel Bag by FSC keeps drinking on-the-go classy

By 11.14.12

Drinking on-the-go for the modern man just got a little bit easier, and exponentially more classy, with this new travel bag collaboration between DEWAR’S and Freemans Sporting Club.

DEWAR'S Travel Bag by Freemans Sporting Club


The Dewar’s scotch-whisky brand has teamed up with male lifestyle powerhouse Freemans Sporting Club to put out one of the holiday season’s first items of note. As males it is typically impossible for us ever to take interest in a bag, whether it be a backpack or tote bag, I believe I speak for the majority of us when I say the only thing that matters to me is form vs. function. Thus, when I was introduced to this last night the first thing I noticed about the bag was its capacity for versatility.

Whether I am carrying a nice bottle of scotch across town (it has loops for your bicycle handles), or need the bag as a fashionable alternative to my typical dopp kit, the sizing and craftsmanship of the bag won me over. At retail the price ($150) puts the bag in a class where it can serve as a thoughtful holiday gift to a friend, co-worker, or oneself (custom hand-sewn monograming available for $15). Though it may be priced higher than the typical male would prefer to spend on themselves.

What I found most fascinating about the bag however was how it seems to exude an exceptional amount of luck. These bags were nearly the victim of the catastrophic destruction of Hurricane Sandy, in fact upon completion of the last bag they all had to be rushed to high ground for safety as the building in which the leather bags were being hand constructed by Freemans’ master leather worker was victim to some flooding. The bag is available at, as well as the FSC boutiques in NYC and San Francisco, and will retail for $150. Custom hand-sewn monograming is also available for an additional $15.

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