Dexter episode recap: The Winners and Losers of ‘Argentina’

By 11.19.12

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Will Dexter and Hannah’s love for the ages continue on? Or will she meet Dexter’s knife? Let’s find out as we pick the Winners and Losers of Dexter “Argentina”.

WINNER: Hannah McKay’s see through shirt collection

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I pointed out a couple episodes back that Yvonne Strahovski’s character Hannah McKay wears a see-through shirt in literally every scene. The gimmick is still going now that we’re up to episode 8. Maybe I should just be appreciative and not ask questions. But the Joe DiMaggioesque streak is something that constantly catches my eye now.

In other news, trusting Hannah McKay’s “secret ingredients” given her penchant for poisoning everyone seems like a bad idea, no matter how many days you guys have been hooking up for.

LOSER: Deb’s murder request line

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Last week, Deb requested Dexter kill Hannah McKay. Which is complicated because Dexter seems to be falling in love with her, unbeknownst to Dexter. And more complicated because Deb is in love with Dexter. And more complicated because I don’t want to see Hannah McKay die. Lots of emotions here.

WINNER: The ol’ slipperoo

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Isaak loses his police tail by having a lookalike drive around Miami for a day and immediately sets his goals on killing Dexter. And he would have succeeded at Dexter’s favorite donut shop if not for Dexter’s butter fingers dropping his phone.

WINNER: Gang leadership coups

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Strip club manager George tries to usurp Isaak’s power after being concerned about Isaak’s relatively pointless revenge mission against Dexter and how it might affect their drug business. He also intimidates Quinn into doing more dirty work for him in exchange for George not revealing that Quinn destroyed Isaak’s blood evidence.

Meanwhile, George gets approval to off Isaak from the Koska Brotherhood (shouldn’t this be a more thorough due diligence process? It literally took one ten second phone call), leading to…

LOSER: Door-to-door Avon sales

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As Dexter tries to get the jump on Isaak at his apartment, he runs into another contract killer who’s after Isaak, courtesy of George. But after he refuses to go halvsies on Isaak’s death, Dexter has to disarm him and slit his throat. I guess Dexter’s code doesn’t apply at all when a guy is pointing a gun at you. Or maybe that’s a bylaw of the code? Harry really accounted for everything.

Isaak calls the police to investigate the body, leading to more Dexter cat and mouse. Just hook up already, you two. The sexual tension is too much to bear.

WINNER: Teenage pot smoking

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Rita’s kids, Aster and Cody, find their way back into Dexter’s life when their grandmother can’t watch them and Dexter’s son Harrison due to the grandfather having kidney stones. So the kids all get sent up to stay in Miami with Dexter. Of course, Cody’s a gross little 12-year-old jerk and Aster is a pot-smoking teen who gets outed by Cody during lunch at Batista’s new restaurant. But Dexter likens Aster’s pot smoking to his murdering (not necessarily comparable vices) and lets her off the hook for it.

LOSER: Serial killers as romantic comedy fodder

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Dexter has a heart to heart with Hannah about his Isaak Sirko problem. Hannah listens and provides a logical solution. It’s even more bizarre because it’s the first time Dexter has been able to tell someone about it. She even loans him her van to keep an eye on Isaak in a more clandestine fashion. But when Hannah needs a key off the key ring, she meets Dexter at the beach where she first thinks that he’s married with kids. But when he tells her that he’s just a single dad trying to make in life, Hannah looks intrigued by the idea of a normal life.

Deb finds out about the whole situation and, shockingly, she doesn’t take it well. But, amidst tears, she finally confesses that she’s in love with Dexter and was going to tell him that at the scene of the Travis Marshall murder last season. Game theory 101, kids: Don’t come on too strong to your serial killer stepbrother.

We also got this awesome moment as a result:

WINNER: Heart to hearts at gay bars

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While attempting to corner Isaak at a gay bar for a kill, Isaak insists Dexter act more civil. While there, Isaak reveals that Viktor was his lover and that he’s only comfortable admitting it because now he’s out of the Koska Brotherhood. He and Dexter then have a conversation about love and its inconveniences that both speaks to Dexter’s situation with Hannah and Deb’s situation with him. Despite it being framed as the proverbial conversation between Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog as they’re clocking out in the old Looney Tunes cartoons, it’s easily the most poetic and beautiful bit of philosophy this show has ever featured in its seven seasons.

Things seem to be heating up next week as (preview spoiler alert) Isaak seems to take Hannah as bait for Dexter, LaGuerta continues to get closer to figuring out that the Bay Harbor Butcher is still out there and may in fact be Dexter, and Deb tries to untangle herself from the many problems Dexter brings. Even in a relative filler episode, Dexter is reaching all sorts of heights this year it hasn’t hit in a long time. Well done, team.

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