‘Dexter’ episode recap: The Winners and Losers of ‘Chemistry’

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Yvonne Strahovski nude scenes, murder, and more. All will be revealed in our Winners and Losers recap of last night’s Dexter.

LOSER: Yvonne Strahovski’s body double

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After much debate (or, more likely, people not wanting to believe they didn’t see Yvonne Strahovski side boob in last week’s episode), Yvonne Strahovski led off this week in a jaw-droppingly hot scene where her character Hannah McKay holds to Dexter’s throat while fully nude. Sex proves to be a valuable weapon in Dexter’s arsenal as he uses it to disarm Hannah. Hopefully he didn’t learn that in ju-jitsu class.

For research’s sake, here’s the slightly more NSFW full-sized screenshot. Research.

WINNER: Oral fixations

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After his hot date with Deb, Sal Price stumbles upon Dexter dropping off Hannah McKay and realizes that may be why Dexter fudged the lab report. He also chews on something in every scene. It’s really annoying.

Price showing Deb the lab report his blood guy drew up that contradicts Dexter gets Dexter into hot water. Deb thinks Dexter fudged the report so he could kill Hannah himself. She’s right but Dexter won’t let her know that. Crime novelists…always causing problems.

LOSER: Quinn’s hair

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Not to get too US Weekly in this recap space, but Quinn’s hair looked extra douchey this week. Perhaps his hair gets douchier as he does more bad things, like stealing the blood evidence in the Isaak Sirko case? I’d like to believe that.

Batista’s detectively intuition sets in as he quickly ascertains that Quinn went to the evidence room, is dating a stripper who works at Sirko’s club, and isn’t exactly ethical. But Quinn throws him off the scent, for now, by brazenly lying to his face. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get what Isaak’s guys promised as George the strip club manager refuses to give up his stripper girlfriend’s freedom. This will definitely end well for all involved parties.

WINNER: Dexter’s life as an After School Special

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Dexter tells Hannah that he’ll take care of Sal Price but won’t kill him due to his rules. But Hannah’s all hot and wants Price dead. She uses peer pressure, telling Dexter that he should try to live his life without his rules. Dexter, tell her you’re not a chicken, she’s a turkey. That’ll stop it right in its tracks.

WINNER: $20 French Fries

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Released from jail thanks to Quinn’s handiwork, Isaak Sirko interrupts Dexter’s lunch for more cat and mouse. After eating one of his french fries, Sirko tells Dexter that he’s going to burn his world down as soon as the police stop following him. Dexter then gives Isaak the graphic detail of how he killed his friend/probably lover, Viktor, by putting a bag over his face and smashing his head with a fire extinguisher. Isaak is visibly troubled. Dexter then promises him a similar fate. Bad. Ass.

Isaak then leaves Dexter $20 for the one fry he took. Good for you, Isaak. No matter who’s going to kill whom, there’s no excuse for bad manners.

LOSER: Deb’s quest to take down Hannah McKay

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Deb attempts to get to the bottom of Hannah McKay’s involvement in a string of murders after being tipped off by Sal Price. She meets up with Hannah’s the sister of now-deceased husband. But after unearthing the husband’s corpse, they find out he wasn’t embalmed, meaning the coroner can’t investigate any further. This Hannah..bulletproof.

WINNER: On-the-record interviews

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To stop Sal Price from writing about Dexter, Hannah agrees to an on-the-record interview about her part in some of the Wayne Randall murders. She breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Dexter is deleting all of the files about Hannah McKay on Price’s computer.

But then Price goes to see Dexter to confront him about everything, Dexter reveals that he found out Price had a shady incident in his past, then Price has a heart attack and dies after falling headfirst onto Dexter’s coffee table. Dexter’s got some luck. Though the coffee table is probably ruined.

Deb brings Hannah in for questioning under the assumption that she might have poisoned him and killed him, per Price’s suggested MO in her previous murders. But a series of denials from Hannah mean nothing…Hannah did poison him by way of one of his pens. And now all of the annoying oral fixation stuff makes sense.

WINNER: Ill-gotten restaurant funding

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Quinn gives Batista a $10,000 check to help him get his restaurant dreams off the ground so that he can retire. This is probably the same money that George the strip club manager gave him. Quinn thanks Batista for always having his back. Quinn is an idiot.

LOSER: Dexter’s code

The toxicology report on Sal Price comes back showing no foul play so Deb calls Dexter — while he’s in bed with a sleeping Hannah — telling him that Hannah’s getting away with it again. He has to kill her, says Deb. I’m not sure how I feel about Deb suddenly deciding to use Dexter like some sort of serial killing plow ox, but hey, it’s an interesting place to take the plot.

Five episodes are left in the season and we’ve got a whole lot to resolve. Deb requesting a Dexter killing seems to run counter to every other statement the character has made this season given that she wasn’t totally okay with him killing that rapey dude earlier in the season who actually attacked her. Isaak’s going to have to be dealt with, though it seems like him accidentally or purposefully taking out Hannah seems like a suitable and totally unsatisfying Dexter way to wrap up both plots at once. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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