‘Dexter’ episode recap: The Winners and Losers of ‘Do the Wrong Thing’

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Dexter’s making a lot of enemies and the walls are closing in. How’s Dexter going to deal with it? Find out in our Winners and Losers recap of “Do the Wrong Thing.”

WINNER: Ghost Dad

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Ghost Harry spends a lot of time with Dexter as he works through his possibilities on how to handle Hannah McKay and the fact that she may be the murderer of multiple people. This show’s usage of Harry is always bizarre. He’ll be gone for months then all of a sudden he won’t leave Dexter alone. “You sure you want to eat that sandwich, Dexter? Seems risky. *pause* All of your ideas are bad.”

LOSER: Columbian gang members’ ju-jitsu skills

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Isaak is in jail after Dexter’s plan to get him offed by the Columbians ended with Isaak killing everyone in sight. But Isaak’s ability to disarm a pudgy Columbian guy and keep him in a keylock while intimidating him into avoiding payback is a tremendous display of skill. He must be a brown belt.

WINNER: Yvonne Strahovski’s costume designer

Yvonne Strahovski see through

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We’re halfway through the season and I’m pretty sure the character of Hannah McKay has yet to wear a shirt that isn’t see-through. It really adds layers to the portrayal of the character. Yes. Portrayal of the character.

Everyone in Hannah McKay’s life seems to die. Her husband, her old boss who owned the flower shop she now operates. Murder? Blinded by the beauty of see through shirts? Verdict is still out.

WINNER: Impromptu autograph sessions

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Sal Price is the author of a book on the Hannah McKay/Wayne Randall murders. He also has a theory that Hannah McKay has been killing people who happen to get in her way. So Dexter pretends to be a big fan of his, gets his autograph, and finds out that there are three deaths around Hannah that seem suspicious to say the least dating back to her time in a juvenile detention facility.

Price then asks out Deb but gets the cold shoulder because “she isn’t in a dating state of mind.” If your brother being a murderer isn’t a time to find solace in a little piledriving action, I don’t know when is.

WINNER: Random bikini girls

What better way to lead into a random scene about Bautista thinking about retiring than some random girls with big booties running through the background? Are they an important part of the plot? Maybe they just committed a murder? I hope we find out and that they never get another outfit change.

LOSER: LaGuerta’s top notch detective skills

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The whole LaGuerta trying to clear Doakes’ name for the Bay Harbor Butcher murders is getting closer to right, but it’s ridiculous. LaGuerta has figured out that the real Bay Harbor Butcher may have been the one to kill Jordan Chase and friends in season 5. Deb tries to say that theory is silly, Chase obviously did it and fled town. But LaGuerta won’t give up. The plot seems more annoying since these are all her figuring out things we already know. I hope it wraps up soon for that reason. LaGuerta’s hindsight Scooby Doo act is exhausting.

When Deb tries to talk to Dexter about it, she gets to the bottom of season 5’s situation with Lumen (Julia Stiles). She’s creeped out that Dexter was with her, killing. Dexter tells her to go have some fun and leave this to him. Deb is offended. Deb is always offended.

WINNER: Story exposition handymen

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The handyman who worked on the flower shop/house where Hannah and her mentor-slash-probable-victim Beverly lived reveals that Hannah took care of the old lady but never seemed sad when she was gone. He assume it was a character trait and not a murder. I loved this scene because it was so obviously an actor who doesn’t often get a lot of lines really cherishing that he had this overly expository monologue.

LOSER: Dexter’s stalking skills

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Somehow, Dexter stalking Hannah’s house for more clues about what she’s doing turns out to him getting her to agree to go out on a date. The best part?

Hannah: “Spit it out.”
Dexter: “I want to take you out.”
Hannah: “On a date?”
Dexter: “…that’ll work.”

So you can just stalk hot girls with the intent of killing them and get dates? That’s some next level negging, Dexter.

WINNER: Impromptu romantic dinners

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Quinn used to be a cop who’d accept bribes for ignoring narcotics being dealt out of the strip club. But now, when he turns down a bribe from George, the strip club manager, they take a stronger tactic of threatening to ship Quinn’s stripper girlfriend, Nadia, to a sex club in Ukraine. Quinn reluctantly agrees to help get Isaak off for the murder wrap. This plot is basically one big ad for having sex with strippers. I’m on board.

Meanwhile, Deb ends up going on a date with Sal Price, the book writer, spurred on by Dexter telling her to get a life. There, she finds out that Dexter may have fudged the blood work on the bodies they unearthed and that Hannah McKay probably killed one of the bodies.

AND THEN! Dexter takes Hannah to a Santa’s Wonderland amusement park since she’d always dreamed of seeing snow. But then he gives her the needle (the actual one, not the metaphorical one) and puts her on the table. But as he’s about to kill her, she seems comfortable with it all. And that makes him cut her loose to give her the needle (the metaphorical one). Sex on the killing table? Very. Kinky.

Not a particularly unexpected turn, but a turn all the same. And for all of the pausers hoping for Yvonne Strahovski in various stages of undress, pretty sure that was a body double. We’re all victims of Dexter, now.

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