Dexter recap: The winners and losers of episode ‘Swim Deep’

By 10.29.12


Just when things are starting to make sense for Dexter, “Swim Deep” shows things are about to get a lot worse. Here are the winners and losers of Dexter season 7 episode 5.

WINNER: Outside laboratory work

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Matsuka’s paranoia over his job security tips Deb off to LaGuerta’s quest to find out why blood sides were at the scene of Travis Marshall’s death. LaGuerta’s using another lab to process the blood slides in an effort to figure out if the Bay Harbor Butcher (believed to be her old friend Doakes) is still on the loose. Deb plays the lie well, gaining LaGuerta’s trust and giving her a chance to protect Dexter…or not.

LOSER: Handsomely waiting for a torture ambush

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Isaac (Ray Stevenson) waits patiently to confront Dexter in his apartment, looking particularly handsome for some reason. But Dexter senses a trap and leaves a fake voicemail for himself to get Isaac out and to a new location. Isaac knows Dexter killed Isaac’s maybe-lover Victor, Dexter knows Isaac is working for the mob. Isaac threatens to kill everyone at the police related to their investigation of the death of the stripper whom Victor killed — including Deb.

The cat and mouse game is afoot, it would seem.

WINNER: Motel room banter

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Regarding their problem with Isaac (who is apparently legally “Isaak,” like Chris Isaak) threatening to kill everyone
Dexter: I have a plan
Deb: Does it involve killing someone?


LOSER: Dexter’s promises to Deb

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Dexter makes a promise to Deb that he won’t let his personal quest for murder interfere with police work after she finds out that he hid information about Victor. So what does Dexter do? Immediately stop himself in the middle of blood spatter analysis of two bodies unearthed that were victims of Wayne Randall when it turns out that Hannah McKay may have killed one of them. Promises expire when it can affect someone wearing a red see-through tanktop, right? Pretty sure that’s a rule.

WINNER: Conversations out of context

When talking about the first time Hannah and Dexter saw blood for the first time, that line came out of her mouth. She then quipped, “Look at us talking about blood and gore like we’re on a date sharing our first sexual experience.”

WINNER: Yvonne Strahovski’s fake damsel in distress act

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Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) is helping the Miami police find the bodies that she and Wayne Randall killed along their spree across Florida. But Hannah seems to be hiding something by playing the victim the entire time, a fact that Dexter picks up on when he senses nostalgia as she plays with a toy that was a piece of evidence and even moreso during the body unearthing discussed above. But Hannah has immunity for all crimes committed with Wayne Randall, so any findings against her could prove to be irrelevant.

Upside: They really allow Yvonne Strahovski to embrace her inner foxiness for the character. Downside: She seems like someone who’ll be ending up on Dexter’s table in the not-too-distant future.

LOSER: Old wedding photos

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Deb wrangles old wedding photos that may have Dexter in them away from LaGuerta after they interview the son of one of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s possible victims (who happens to be one of Dexter’s actual victims). Deb finds a potentially incriminating photo of Dexter in the stack, to which Deb replies, “Who’s saving whose ass now?” You show that picture who’s boss, Deb.

LOSER: Columbian cartel marksmanship classes

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Dexter’s brilliant plan to kill Isaac without killing him has him send Isaac into an ambush from his rival, the Columbian cartel. Small problem: Isaac destroys all of them, by himself. Isaac is pretty good at his job.

But a little bit of blood from one of the Columbian shooters allows them to take Isaac into custody. A visit from Dexter and a story about Isaac’s equally revenge-driven father show that this one isn’t over, no matter what charges they try to pin on Isaac.

LOSER: Deb’s attempts to help

When Deb tries to use this LaGuerta intel to get Dexter to see that maybe his foolproof methods aren’t as foolproof as he thinks, she gets rebuffed. Dexter’s awfully smug about this stuff to the one person who’s interested in helping him, you know, not go to jail forever. Is that just character shading or perhaps a sign of Dexter’s hubris coming back to haunt him before the series ends? I’m glad this show is finally posing actual character questions besides “I wonder if Dexter is tired of eating that same breakfast in the credits every episode.”

At the end of the episode, Deb tells Dexter that she can’t and won’t cover for him any more. She lied to Bautista to get him off the Victor case, she hid evidence from LaGuerta and she’ll do no more.

It’s like a broken record, but here’s another strong episode of Dexter in the books. The Hannah McKay reveal was not particularly revealing but there’s a real air of danger for Dexter this year. How they deal with Dexter being put in that box will either make or break the season.

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