Dexter season 7 episode 4 recap: ‘Run’ episode review

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When last we left Dexter, it seemed like an understanding was afoot between Dexter and his overwhelmed sister, Deb. Yeah, not so much.

Deb is taking a bath. The kind of bath you only take when you find out your brother is sort of justified in his vigilante serial murders. But the bath, and its subsequent dream involving the water turning into blood while Dexter looks on with a comically oversized knife, leads to the revelation that Dexter killed John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer in Season 4. Dexter quickly confirms that fact in the next scene. This is easily my favorite part of this wasted motion.

Isaac (Ray Stevenson) chews out the underline strip club manager whose name I always forget for calling Victor a loose cannon who deserved to die. Isaac counters by saying that Victor was loyal and was only there to clean up his mess with some sort of cocaine dealings. But a police bust interrupts the ass reaming and an attempt by the strip club manager to bribe Quinn with blow and cash — apparently like Quinn used to previously take — falls on deaf ears. Oh, Quinn. That was a once in a lifetime offer. You simple simple man.

Deb takes a shot at breaking down the sexual assault murderer in the bull’s head, Ray Speltzer, in the previous episode. He’s in police custody so that means it’s time for an intense interrogation scene. Deb is trying to prove that good old fashioned police work can pay off just as well as stealthy Metal Gear Solid-esque murders. Deb gets a confession but, when Dexter tries to congratulate her, Deb blames Dexter for Rita’s death at the hands of the Trinity Killer and says that Harrison is going to meet a similar end. Dexter, naturally, does not take that too kindly and goes on a fairly crazy retort that concludes with him saying “Everything is in my control” in his most criminally insane of voices.

Isaac ropes an innocent bartender who’s working at the strip club to send money back to his family into taking the wrap for the detective murder Victor committed earlier in the season. Isaac promises to take care of his family in exchange. The catch? Isaac wants the bartender to kill himself after writing a confession note. The bartender complies. Does Isaac live up to his half? Is it a tax deduction? Both are valid and unanswered questions.

Isaac also goes to Victor’s old apartment and cries over a photo of them on a boat. I’m not sure if it’s a “father-son relationship” cry or a “I’m a tough dude who was having passionate gay sex with this man” cry. It is my greatest weakness and shame.

Hannah McKay (a very foxy-looking Yvonne Strahovski) strolls into the police station after hearing that one of Wayne Randall’s body. She exchanges flirty non-revelatory banter with Dexter. Millions of men tabulate the odds on what her having a nude scene this season are. Spoiler alert: 75-1.

Bad news in Deb town: Police work failed again. Speltzer didn’t say “Yes” when asked if he understood his Miranda Rights, just nodded, so he was released and his confession won’t hold in court. Dexter takes this as an opportunity to dole out his special brand of knife-based justice, only for Speltzer to catch him in the act and somehow win the fight (Dexter was on a Jon Jones-like unbeaten streak). Dexter wakes up in Speltzer’s new big scary rave murder den but, after a couple floors of traps and techno lights, he escapes by escaping from the roof.

Speltzer shows up at the funeral of the girl he murdered in the last episode because wow is he evil. Deb sees him smiling as the hearse pulls out and gets all World Star Hip Hop on him, even taking off her heels (!!!) for the confrontation. Dexter tries to check in on Deb but Deb isn’t having it, saying she wouldn’t be there for him if he needs it.

But where Deb can’t get Speltzer, Dexter can. And all it takes is a late-night shovel to the head to do it. Dexter puts Speltzer on the table, only it’s the cremation table at the graveyard in which Speltzer works. Dexter tells Speltzer that he thought he would be the thread that brings he and Deb together. But instead, he’ll use him to be the thing that keeps them who they each are. Along with Speltzer’s body goes all of Dexter’s remaining blood slides to prove that he’s better than the other killers.

Dexter has Deb come to the outside of the death scene and shows her the smoke the contains little chunks of Speltzer. He asks her how she feels and she replies, “Glad.” Dexter tells her this doesn’t make her a monster, it just makes her human.

It’s like a broken record so far, but man, this is another amazing episode. And it was really well-paced and beautifully shot, even by Dexter standards.

Victims this week:
-Easily convinced illegal immigrant bartenders
-The murder-rave factory rental industry
-Bribing police officers with cocaine
-Dexter’s love of pizza

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