10 different types of bars and the type of girl you bring to them

by 5 years ago
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Types of Bars Types of Girls

Lomo-Cam, Flickr

Grabbing drinks is a popular choice for a date. Deciding on drinks is the easy part, but what type of bar do you choose? Each bar (just like each woman) has a different personality. Let's take a look at some of the right bar/girl matches for a successful date.

Photo credit: Lomo-Cam, Flickr

Dive Bar

becksshaw, Flickr

This is for a chill girl who enjoys the simple pleasures of going to a fun, local bar. Order some pub grub, grab a beer or a cheap well drink and get to know her.

Photo credit: becksshaw, Flickr


thisreidwrites, Flickr

This is for a girl who prefers to relax in a low-pressure situation, but still wants you to treat her to a nice $15 cocktail. So lean back into your overstuffed love seat and bust out that credit card. You're going to need it.

Photo credit: thisreidwrites, Flickr


ctsnow, Flickr

This is for women who just need to dance and don't even care that clubs are a terrible venue for a date. Honestly, she's just glad you're letting her do her thing, and maybe if you're lucky she'll let you do your thing with her later.

Photo credit: ctsnow, Flickr

Cigar Bar

Brian Birke, Flickr

This is a rare find; a woman who welcomes the smoky musk of cigars coupled with the warm embrace of scotch illuminating her very being. Then again, there's a good chance she's got a Vader-deep voice and a chronic cough. Brutal.

Photo credit: Brian Birke, Flickr

Sports Bar

Paul Lowry, Flickr

This is for the chick who made sure to wear her sports jersey in her online photos and say "Go Giants!" or "We totally won't get along if you like the Jets, just kidding (not really)!" on her dating profile, to show how much she can be one of the guys. She'll be happy to eat some wings and share a pitcher of beer with you during the game.

Photo credit: Paul Lowry, Flickr

College Bar

ChrisHConnelly, Flickr

You can take pretty much any young woman here who's 18-20, doe-eyed and ready to gulp down beer and Amaretto Sours out of Solo cups til she passes out on the sidewalk. Who cares if the bathrooms look like a sewage tank exploded in them? She's just happy to be out drinking! But don't think you'll be able to have an actual conversation here, because you can bet your ass the music will be blaring. But then again, who cares? Does the average drunk 19-year-old have anything worthwhile to say anyway?

Photo credit: ChrisHConnelly, Flickr


goodiesfirst, Flickr

Have you found yourself a hipster chick, all bra-less and decked out in corduroy slacks? This is the perfect place to bring her so she can get her craft beer and organic "small plate" appetizers. Enjoy.

Photo credit: goodiesfirst, Flickr

Restaurant Bar

edenpictures, Flickr

It's best to do this with a chick who's a huge lush, but is trying to hide it from you. You meet at a restaurant, but the main attraction is really the bar and three drinks into the first half hour, you'll know her game.

Photo credit: edenpictures, Flickr

Biker Bar

Lana_aka_BADGRL, Flickr

If she's got a leather jacket for each season, or boots that were made for stomping rather than walking, then it's very possible she'll be right at home in a biker bar. Bikers are friendly people as long as you stay on their good side. So stay on her good side, hombre.

Photo credit: Lana_aka_BADGRL, Flickr

Juice Bar

corsi photo, Flickr

This is perfect for the hippie chick who does not partake in alcohol, but loves herself some green. She probably just got done with smoking up before you met up, so she'll arrive with a major case of the major munchies. One mammoth chocolate peanut butter smoothie and two sandwiches later you'll be able to have a normal conversation.

Photo credit: corsi photo, Flickr

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