Dish Network is officially in the 4G cellular game

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You’ve never had that many options when it comes to getting a fast cellphone, and lately, as the big boys have been buying the cheaper carriers and each other, you’ve had fewer and fewer choices as to who gets that cash. Fortunately, one more has just been added.

Dish Network

Dish Network

Yep, Dish Network, the same guys who plug their satellite service constantly, are getting into the 4G game.

But how did this come about? Dish has actually owned some 4G spectrum rights for quite a while. The problem was that it was a bit unclear whether or not they were legally allowed to use it to let people download apps and yack at each other. The government has recently cleared the rules up, so Dish is free to start pushing phones.

What does this mean to you, the phone consumer? Not much yet: Dish hasn’t announced any specific plans for the spectrum. But, once it goes retail, you can either expect Dish customers to get a serious deal on cellular plans, or a pretty cheap data plan to compete with the giants in the field.

Dish Statement On Spectrum Ruling [Mobile Tech News]

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