Does putting vodka through a Brita filter really work?

By 09.05.12

We’ve all heard the rumor that if you filter cheap vodka it will taste like the finest bottle of Grey Goose that you can steal. But does it really work? America’s Test Kitchen has the final answer.

So, kinda? We all know you aren’t cooking with vodka, so let’s just dismiss that test right now. What it comes down to is getting hammeredtime. Not surprisingly, you can still taste the difference between a Kettle on the rocks and a glass of Popov. Much like with all booze and food, quality in quality out. You can’t turn a bottle of garbage into greatness just by filtering it to death. You can however cut the burn and bite to the point where a cocktail tastes the same. If you use multiple mixers or pour moderate strength drinks, feel free to enhance your own stash. You may want to consider how much those filters cost though. If you’re constantly pouring your plastic half gallons through it, you’ll be changing it more than your grandpa does his diaper.


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