Donald Glover getting his own sitcom about Donald Glover

By 09.14.12
Donald Glover


I am torn on whether this is a good thing. For the most part I’m solidly on the Donald Glover bandwagon. Dude made his bones on YouTube as part of DERRICK Comedy, a troupe of hard-working comedians who parlayed Internet fame into a movie deal to make the hugely underrated Mystery Team. And he’s part of one of the best ensemble casts in comedy today on Community. So he deserves all of the success he’s had, no question.

But let’s be honest with each other: this Childish Gambino stuff sucks. It’s bad novelty rap that people only listen to because dude’s on TV. No diss, just cold reality. On his own, Glover seems grossly self-indulgent and unaware of where his strengths and weaknesses lie. So I’m a little trepidatious at this news from TV Guide that NBC is giving him his own show, based on his real life. When celebrities start thinking that their life is more interesting than their talent, bad things happen. Think about Roseanne Barr as a cautionary example.

NBC is apparently very close to signing a deal with Glover and producer Matt Hubbard of 30 Rock for the show. Universal Television is the studio behind it. Obviously Community isn’t long for this world, no matter how much we complain on the Internet, but the comedian has no shortage of work. He’ll be showing up in a regular role on the next season of hit HBO hipster comedy Girls as well as doing live performances. I just hope what is looking like a half-baked idea designed to pander to an inflated sense of stardom can be massaged into something funny.

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