Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with his long lost drinking poem

by 6 years ago

Today we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. While that may seem out of line with the rest of the holidays I’ve promoted, it is actually quite fitting. The name Dr. Seuss comes from drinking gin, after all.

Back when Dr. Seuss was just Theodor Geisel, he was a humor writer and Editor-in-Chief at The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern. Unfortunately, this was during the dark ages known as Prohibition. Not one to be stiffed by such silly things as laws, Geisel was partying with his friends and a healthy dose of gin when he was busted. As a result, Dean Gordon Pritchard Craven Laycock forced Geisel to resign from the publication. It was at that point that he began submitting work as Dr. Seuss, his middle name.

To celebrate this more adult oriented version of Dr. Seuss, here’s an ode to drinking.



Poem via Bigfooty

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