Drive Suits let you pretend you’re a Transformer

by 5 years ago

If you’ve ever gone back and watched the original Transformers cartoon, you’ve experienced the pain of discovering something you loved as a kid, well, er, really kinda sucked.

That will not stop people from trying to dress up as Transformers, however, and if you want an early lead on a Halloween costume, or just desperately cling to your childhood, we’ve got a great way to cover both bases.

Called Drive Suits, and built by Drew Beaumier, they’re… they’re… well, really, see for yourself:

Yes, he has a small motor on his arm and some skateboards strapped to his legs. That’s how he rolls. Literally.

If you’re wondering, the suit is powered by a battery belt, that you keep strapped to your body.

As much as I’m making fun of Beaumier, he is actually a clever engineer. He’s taken a lot of problems that most people solve with cardboard and duct tape and not only come up with more elegant solutions to them, but improved them into the bargain.

If you’d like a Drive Suit, prepare to pay for the privilege: It takes Beaumier 50 hours to complete one, so between labor and materials, it’ll cost $1600, before shipping.

Drive Suits [Official Site]

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