Drunk dad shaming is…weird

By 12.27.12

Everyone knows not to be the first to pass out at a party, but I never would have expected that drunk dads aren’t exempt from late night shaming.

Boxing Day is a bit of a mystery to most of you, but all you really need to know is that it’s a bank holiday in the UK. Think of how you spend every single extra day off – drinking! And when you get too drunk, things start to get weird. This dad wasn’t coming from a the premier of “Avatar VS Cats,” his kids applied that fine facial decorating job. I suppose it makes sense to get a bit more creative; it would be pretty weird if a daughter was drawing dicks and “I love cock” all over her dad. She did think it was normal to slap him with a bra though, so at least he’s still getting some residual titties in his face.

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