Drunk girls go ‘Fight Club’ to get their first black eye

by 5 years ago

According to this video’s prologue, the two girls in this video talked about how they never got punched in the face and that they’d look cool with black eyes. Then they punched each other. Bad ideas abound, kids.

So that’s FOUR punches from these girls? But which one was the best? Let’s vote!

Punch 1

Nicely targeted, powered by all the enthusiasm of a bad idea.

Punch 2

This one hit right on the eye but lacked the torque of punch 1, I think.

Punch 3

Getting a little sloppy here. This one probably didn’t feel particularly nice but her arm going all Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Man isn’t going to provide a real knockout blow.

Punch 4

Aaand that’s how you break a nose.

I’d say that punch 4 probably hurt the most just because it was smack in the oh-so-delicate nose. But I liked punch 1 on video and GIF. Good smack, good trajectory. And because it was the first one, they probably didn’t hold back much because the brunette didn’t realize how much it’d hurt. Tough call.

(video via Reddit)

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