Either laugh or cringe at this year’s Black Friday at Walmart

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It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and you know what that means. No, not crazy low prices from online retailers (there’s that too). I’m talking about the traditional viewing of idiots at Walmart over the holiday weekend on YouTube.

If you were one of the many folks out there who decided to take advantage of Walmart’s Black Friday sale this year, I hope the money saved was worth the human dignity that you threw away in exchange. That and you aren’t in the following clips that Kotaku dug up. Like this one…

As previously noted, some fairly impressive deals were to be had, but you always have unadvertised offerings that are even crazier lower. But it’s usually for super old/totally unwanted games.

Then again, it’s fairly obvious that no one knows what they’re grabbing; everyone is just swept up by the madness. Here’s another look, and if you think it’s the same scene but from a different angle, it’s not. The above was from Idaho and the following from Oklahoma…

The most interesting part here is what’s mentioned in the comments section. The uploader accuses the store of fraud by stating:

“The Walmart ad which leaked online prior to the sale showed games listed at $10, $15, and $25 price points. However the in store ad (which graphically matched the leaked ad) had altered these price points to $11, $18, and $39! I call shenanigans on Walmart.”

Finally we have a clip that’s right in the thick of things. Again, according to the uploader:

“this guy took a stack of Madden 13’s and sold them for $20 a pop BEFORE they even reached the register.. people were better off getting the games from eBay.”

Sounds too stupid to be true, but we are talking about Walmart shoppers after-all. You’ll find plenty of other videos, of people narrating the proceedings in real time, which I haven’t posted since the audio and video quality in those are especially bad.

The best part is how these people often shows signs of disgust, as if they’re not just a guilty of such behavior. That and reports from others at Targets or Best Buys, right next door, who all claim that their experiences were far more pleasant and organized and well behaved.

Many from outside the US (mostly Canadians) have wondered why Walmart doesn’t do what stores in their neck of the woods do when it’s a major sale day and that’s create an organized line in which everyone is given a ticket and only groups of people are allowed in at one time.

But if that’s the case, we wouldn’t get the footage above, which gives every stockholder a raging hard on. At any rate, people who can’t stand the holidays, capitalism, the United States, or all of the above all of a sudden have new clips to add to their YouTube playlists.

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